Vim SnipMate plugin error and how to fix it

I have been moving back and forth between Emacs and Vim for about two years trying to pick one, I think Vim has finally won. I’ve been putting together a .vimrc and plugin set since then. I may write more on why I went with Vim and on my setup later, but I had a problem recently and I thought I’d post the fix I used:

I had just installed the SnipMate plugin which mimics the snippet functionality of TextMate, and every time I restarted I got an error stating:

I did some troubleshooting and narrowed it down to the cpoptions=ces$ line in my .vimrc. This line makes the cw command and similar commands put a $ at the end instead of just deleting text and replacing it. I could see no reason for me to need this and just removed the line. That setting then defaulted back to cpoptions=aABceFs and the error was gone.