IPv6: Part 1 – I could see you all ignore the fact we’d fill up IPv4

After several friends asked about it, and because of the recent featured article on the BBC technology news site, I thought I would do a series on IPv6. I consider myself somewhat of an authority, because my honours project, dissertation and paper were on IPv6 – the actual title being IPv6, its implementation and migrating from IPv4 – I had what I thought were better ideas for a project but I figured IPv6 knowledge would increase my employability in the coming years.

The series starts with theory and need, then a few posts on local implementation, a couple of scenarios for wider implementation, then a final article on the reticence of the IT world to IPv6 and what I think is causing it.

So starting with theory and the need for IPv6, I know they’re not glamorous, I know to some they may be mind numbing and they’d rather just get on and do it, the whole don’t talk or discuss just do mentality. I can sympathise with this opinion. That being said, sorry no dice, you need a good mix of practical and theory otherwise you get into the area of call cargo cult system administration – I’ll probably discuss that phrase more in a future post – where you follow something like a ritual with no actual understanding. …